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A Full Range of Financial Services

Excellence in Equity

As a leading financial institution, Landsbankinn offers a full range of financial services in its domestic market. Landsbankinn is a market leader and operates the largest branch network in Iceland. Asset Management offers universal asset management services to individuals and corporates alike with the aim to build sound portfolios that maximise returns for each customer.
Landsbankinn is the largest custodian of Icelandic securities owned by both domestic and foreign investors in Iceland.

Asset Management specialises in asset allocation that balances diverse portfolios to achieve maximum reward for customers. As the largest commercial bank in Iceland, Landsbankinn gathers extensive specialist knowledge through its various units. The Bank emphasises collating such knowledge and utilising it through in-depth and comprehensive analysis. The Bank also diligently monitors indicators, on a continuous basis, for the benefit of its own operations and customer interests. Asset Management is thus well placed to assist and advise foreign investors on investment opportunities in Iceland.

Capital controls have been in place in Iceland since 2008, as a safeguard after the financial crisis of 2008. Recent amendments made to the country’s Foreign Exchange Act in October 2016 aim to lift these capital controls on households and businesses. Asset Management has in place products and services to meet the needs of international investment activity yet aims to develop these aspects of its operations further to meet the upsurge in demand once the restrictions imposed by capital controls are fully abolished.

Asset Management sees tremendous investment opportunities in Icelandic securities as a result of this. Market analysts and the International Monetary Fund agree that Iceland can look forward to powerful economic growth in coming years, driven by private consumption, investment and exports. Interest is much higher here than in other developed countries and the interest rate differential is likely to decrease over the next couple of years. Both household and corporate indebtedness is at an historical low. Internal and external factors alike point to significant growth opportunities in the Icelandic economy and Asset Management is well placed to take advantage of such opportunities on behalf of its customers.

In order to facilitate this service, Asset Management builds on close relationships with its customers. It tailors its investment advice to each customer’s needs and customises investment strategies to reflect a volatile environment. The department liaises with other units within the Bank to analyse the business environment of corporate customers with the aim of offering comprehensive, current advice and identifying future business opportunities.

“We are proactive and leverage the wealth of knowledge generated by the Bank’s analysts in various fields,” says Hrefna Ö. Sigfinnsdóttir, Managing Director of Markets at Landsbankinn.
“Our approach is comprehensive and inclusive of external factors, i.e. changes and opportunities in our customers’ environments. Our aim is to serve as our customers’ financial partner, creating mutual benefit based on long-term relationships, Our customers are both individuals and legal entities, such as pension funds, companies and charities, both domestic and foreign. All Asset Management customers have dedicated account managers who handle communication. Accounts are both advisory and discretionary.”

Landsbankinn also promotes a performanceoriented corporate culture. The Bank has had
incredibly positive success in building on a strategy that emphasises individual responsibility, effective and continuous improvement and creating a strong team that puts the customer first. Landsbankinn’s employees are central to both the shaping and implementation of its strategy and thus integral to its success.

Going forward, Asset Management intends to remain focused on success through flexibility, promoting a deep awareness of changes in the external environment both in Iceland and abroad, and continued focus on providing the best possible service to our customers.

Company: Landsbankinn
Name: Hrefna Ö. Sigfinssdóttir
Email: landsbankinn@landsbankinn.is
Web Address: www.landsbankinn.is
Address: Austuraeti 11, Reykjavik 155, Iceland Telephone: 354 410 4000